Altered Apparel, made by women who get you.

ALTERED are clothes for women who still want to maintain their identity whilst trying to be the best mother they can possibly be! 

Our focus is on STYLE whilst trying to ensure they are totally suitable to breastfeed in.

WE pride ourselves on being based around the busy lives of women and the want to feel FASHIONABLE in all situations. 

All our clothing is made in the UK, right down to our labels and tags. The yarn is sourced from Europe and our postal bags are biodegradable. We are conscious of our GLOBAL impact and want to make sure we are doing our bit to be as ethical as we can. 

We are also committed in supporting breastfeeding. There are many factors involved with breastfeeding and its not always easy to carry out, but one thing that is hard for some mothers in the confidence to carry it out whenever and wherever they choose.


Our founder Lex Ward has been involved for several years in a photography project that aims to show how it's ok to breastfeed. Empowering Women - Normalising Breastfeeding is an ongoing project - click here to know more.


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