Frequently asked questions

Are your clothes suitable for expressing in?

Yes, our clothing is made with zips to easily access your breast, and is therefore ideal to breastfeed from or express.

How big is the zip gap?

The zip opening is 22cm from top to bottom.

Do you sell your jumper dresses in any other colours?

At the moment we have four colours, mustard, slate, rust and navy but in february we hope to launch four more new colours.

Why are there no sales on your site?

We are a brand new company and a small cottage business and therefore still to new for sales!

Why do you only have jumper dresses?

We have started our brand with just one product, you may think we are mad! However, having done a survey asking what women miss being able to wear, it was a virtiually unanimous vote on JUMPER DRESSES, so there you have it!

Where are your products made?

Are clothing is designed and made in the Midlands. We are proud to support UK manucturing, and our yarn is sourced from Europe.

What are your jumpers made from?

They are made from 95% acrylic and 5% elastane which gives the jumpers stretch.